Here are a collection of pictures taken during some of our previous talks!

Fall 2022


Spring 2022


Spring 2018


10/8/2016 - Light and Spectra: The Colors of our Universe

Playing with infrared cameras and diffraction grating glasses - what fun!


10/24/2015 - 100 Years of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

    Watch a video from this CoffeeShop lecture!


9/19/2015 - From Neurons to Thoughts: A Guided Tour of the Brain, by Guest Speaker Dr. Leonardo Fernandini


8/29/2015 - The Dark Side of the Universe: The Mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy


7/25/2015 - New Horizons mission to Pluto

10/11/2014 - The black hole that ate my sock: strange facts about these and other dead stars


09/27/2014 - Live fast, die young: the lifecycle of stars


09/06/2014 - The Big Bang